What is eurythmy therapy? For whom is this therapy suitable and how does it work? – A video clip

Last update: 03.02.2022

"In the Rhythm of Life" engages these questions – with impressions and statements from doctors, therapists, patients, from newborns to the elderly, as well as participants in a current study on fall prevention for elderly people with chronic diseases.

Eurythmy movements have a meditative quality. They are profoundly related to regenerative organic activities and may be used both prophylactically and curatively. They can be helpful in cases of stress symptoms, anxiety and depression or burnout, address developmental delays and disturbances, or; in the case of e.g. tumor and rheumatic ailments, used to support resilience, of particular help where aggressive treatments are needed.

Worldwide, 1500 eurythmy therapists are active in clinics, in schools and in private practice. Further information: https://eurythmytherapy-medsektion.net/en/

Click here for the videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95G0oNGhRHw

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Research news

Phase IV trial: Kalium phosphoricum comp. versus placebo in irritability and nervousness 
In a new clinical study, Kalium phosphoricum comp. (KPC) versus placebo was tested in 77 patients per group. In a post-hoc analysis of intra-individual differences after 6 weeks treatment, a significant advantage of KPC vs. placebo was shown for characteristic symptoms of nervous exhaustion and nervousness (p = 0.020, p = 0.045 respectively). In both groups six adverse events (AE) were assessed as causally related to treatment (severity mild or moderate). No AE resulted in discontinuation in treatment. KPC could therefore be a beneficial treatment option for symptomatic relief of neurasthenia. The study has been published open access in Current Medical Research and Opinion

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