Ginger as an external treatment for osteoarthritis

Tessa C. Therkleson
Article-ID: DMS-19642-EN

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This paper introduces the phenomenon of a series of ginger kidney compresses for people with osteo-arthritis by describing the conventional and anthroposophic pictures of osteoarthritis, the use of ginger for managing osteoarthritis symptoms, zingiber officinale, ginger kidney compress therapy, corresponding pictures of ginger, osteoarthritis and the experience of the ginger kidney compress and, finally, the typical characteristics to consider when deciding if the ginger kidney compress is the most appropriate treatment. People with OA experience their symptoms being managed positively and effectively, when warmth encompasses their sentient being—physical, mental and emotional, and the l-organisation is fanned into life to activate a sense of expansion and glowing in the world with others. Ginger kidney compress therapy is a treatment that offers warmth, relaxation, vitality and analgesia to the aging population with osteoarthritis.

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