Basic descriptions of Anthroposophic Medicine, its view of the human being and its spectrum of integrative therapies

Anthroposophic Medicine

Anthroposophic Medicine is a form of integrative medicine, based on evidence-based medicine and an anthroposophic understanding of the human being and the world.

Focus on the Patient

A good patient-doctor relationship is the basis for being able to look at, listen to and help a sick person.

View of the Human Being and Understanding of Disease

Anthroposophic Medicine understands the human being to be a physical, ensouled and spiritual being, and bases diagnostics and therapy on this comprehensive understanding.

Medicines and Therapies

The following therapeutic methods are used in Anthroposophic Medicine: medicines, nursing and external applications, body therapy, eurythmy therapy, art therapy and psychotherapy.

Anthroposophic Pharmacy

The task of Anthroposophic Pharmacy is to go beyond the view of medicinal substances as just dead material and pay attention to their formative processes and potentials.


Anthroposophic medical research is carried out in institutions worldwide and uses established methods that follow general guidelines or develops new methods.

Ethics in Medicine

Basic concepts of illness and recovery, the patient-doctor relationship and ethical decision-making all depend on the doctor’s view of the human being.

Inner Development and Training

For both patients and therapists, Anthroposophic Medicine combines inner development with the healing process. We can only meet patients competently if we have relationship skills and ethical-spiritual competence, as well as professional competence.

Foundation and History

We outline 100 years of Anthroposophic Medicine, from its founding in 1920 to the present day.