Journal Contributions on Research in Anthroposophic Medicine – 2023

Research Sources

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Research news

Real-world data study: Quality of life in lung cancer patients receiving radiation and Viscum album therapy
Lung cancer (LC) is associated with high mortality and poor quality of life (QoL). Decreased QoL is linked to the disease and its treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. The aim of this study was to analyze the changes in QoL of LC patients being treated with radiation according to oncological guidelines and add-on Viscum album L. (VA) therapy. The study was conducted using registry data from 112 primary LC patients who answered validated questionnaires at first diagnosis and 12 months later. Assessment of QoL changes using multivariate linear regression analyses showed significant improvement for pain and for nausea/vomiting in patients who received a combination therapy with radiation and VA. The results of the study published open access in Radiation Oncology


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