Interdisciplinary practical recommendations for which Anthroposophic Medicine has essential concepts to contribute

Pregnancy and Early Childhood

Pregnancy, birth and early childhood are crucial for human development and health. Parenthood, pedagogy and medicine have the task of protecting the development of children, taking into account each child’s unique individuality.

Infectious Diseases

The growing worldwide resistance to antibiotics requires much more cautious use of antibiotics when treating acute infectious diseases. What can Anthroposophic Medicine contribute in this situation?


Symptoms associated with cancer treatment or the disease itself can occur at any stage of cancer, which can be effectively improved with anthroposophic medicines and interdisciplinary treatment concepts.

Palliative Medicine

Anthroposophic palliative medicine includes therapies to treat a patient’s life organization and takes into consideration the person’s soul and spirit, as well as treating their clinical symptoms.

Editorial Process and Authors

Our editors work under consideration of the best available evidence. We discuss and develop therapeutic approaches against the background of a common conception of the human being in interprofessional cooperation.