External Applications for Hiccups

Upper abdominal compress with Lavender oil or Melissa oil.
Lavender has a relaxing, calming and warming effect. Melissa has an antispasmodic effect.

For the specified oils see also the website “External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing”:
Lavender oil and Melissa oil.

Research news

Parental Confidence in Fever Management - Results from an App-Based Registry    
Parents' confidence regarding their children's fever is a key factor in its management and there is still unnecessary anxiety and associated antipyretic overuse. The FeverApp application collects naturalistic real-time data on febrile infections and educates parents on fever management. First entry data of 3721 children (mean age 21 months) was assessed. Antipyretics were used initially in 14.7% of children. Their use was mostly associated with febrile temperature, but also low well-being of the children. Thus, associations were partly in accordance with recent guidelines. All results are published open access: 

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