Postnatal Maturation

This short video shows a playful possibility for a child born by Caesarean section to stimulate postnatal maturation and his sense of touch through his own activity.

It was provided by Claudia Grah-Wittich from the work of the early intervention center at “der hof” (in Niederursel, Germany: ).

Research news

Bibliography on clinical research in homeopathy 
Homeopathic medicines are used extensively in human medicine and self-medication, although their efficacy is repeatedly calles into question. A working group led by the distinguished potency researcher Prof. Dr. Stephan Baumgartner recently published a bibliography on the state of clinical research in homeopathy. 636 studies met the inclusion criteria, of which 541 had a therapeutic purpose and 95 a preventive purpose, and a total of 223 medical indications were documented. The article is open access and includes the link to the online database with all mentioned studies:

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