Maduración posterior

Última actualización: 07.12.2021

Este video corto muestra una posibilidad de cómo, con que juegos, a través de que se puede alentar a un niño nacido por cesárea a que pueda desarrollar su propia actividad y pueda madurar y  estimular su sentido de tacto.

Este material fue puesto a disposición por Claudia Grah-Wittig a partir del trabajo de la institución “der hof” (Niederursel/DE,, que fomenta el desarrollo temprano.

Research news

Non-pharmacological interventions with good clinical evidence for chemotherapy-induced neuropathy
Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is the most common side effect for oncology patients. Therefore, their interest in complementary non-pharmacological therapies is high. A current scoping review presents the clinical evidence of therapies used in this context. Relevent studies published between 2000 and 2021 were analyzed. The panel of authors identified 17 supportive interventions, which they included in their assessment. Most were phytotherapeutic interventions including external applications and cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, and tactile stimulation. More than two-thirds of the consented interventions were rated with moderate to high perceived clinical effectiveness in therapeutic use. Therefore, the experts endorse these complementary procedures for the supportive treatment of CIPN. The review is available at: