Cuidado y aplicaciones externas para ascitis

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Aplicación envolvente de los riñones con té de equisetum
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Aplicación envolvente de los riñones con jengibre
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Aplicaciones de ricota (queso blanco) en el abdomen
Envoltura del abdomen con esencia de Borago WALA (1:10)
Envoltura de abdomen con ricota y esencia de Borago WALA (1:10)
Fricciones rítmicas
Lavado y envoltura con limón
Aplicaciones de repollo blanco (calentado)
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Research news

Pilot study on the clinical effect of yarrow liver compresses
Liver compresses are commonly applied in integrative cancer treatment and are believed to have an energizing effect. A randomized pilot study was conducted to investigate the influence of yarrow liver compresses on the autonomic nervous system by analyzing heart rate variability in metastatic cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy and suffering from cancer-related-fatigue. The study found that this application led to increased sympathetic activity during daytime in the intervention group, whereas in the control group, which did not receive any external application, increased parasympathetic activity. The study is open access: