The enigma of adolescence today

Giovanna Bettini
Article-ID: DMS-21735-EN

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This contribution describes the rise of actual pathological symptoms in the phase of puberty and adolescence. In my clinical work with this cohort of youngsters, I witness time and again the lack of future perspective that these patients experience. In widening the scope to the cultural situation of the past two decades, specifically in Italy but also worldwide, the article summarises current figures on pathology in this age cohort worldwide. In search for deeper reasons of the disquieting symptoms a theoretical framework is developed based on various cultural influences upon the emergence of pathological narcissism and the emptiness of soul of these young people. The healthy laws of development for this age are briefly mentioned in the second part of the article, as well as the disturbances occurring under the influence of modern cultural impact of – among others – social media. The way this reaches out into early adulthood is described.

The article is meant to encourage and admonish adult educators and therapists to pay more attention and dedication to the awakening of the soul that takes place during puberty and adolescence.

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