Structure of the portal

Digital archive

The digital archive offers online access to literature which had previously only been available in print, thus permitting systematic searches of papers and subject areas. Having started the portal we will first of all make the journal Der Merkurstab available online.

The complete issues of the journal from 1946 onwards will be digitally available, including the current issue at the time. Research and clinical experience mean that medicine is always evolving, and we would therefore ask you to consider the medical history background, especially for papers published some time ago. Users are invited to make their own diagnosis, taking responsibility for it, and make their own assessment of the indications given and suggested treatments, for which neither the authors nor the editors can accept responsibility. The digital archive is to be extended, adding further monographs, journals and compilations. The next step in the project will be to implement selected texts from the American website AnthroMedLibrary.

Digital textbook

The digital textbook offers systematic ‘textbook-level’ access to texts on anthroposophic medicine covering specialist fields, basics and therapies. Introductions in German and English inform readers about the current perspective of anthroposophic medicine in the different specialist areas. Introductions to diseases within a given specialist field provide insight into the view taken of the relevant condition, medical treatment and clinical intervention, non-medical treatments and evaluation. The editors will also compile bibliographic references for the specialist fields, the basics and therapies which will be directly accessible in full text (and are part of the digital archive).

The digital textbook is still under construction.

Search function

The portal offers an elaborate search function in line with current web standards. Searches may be made of the whole digital archive as well as the digital textbook, in full texts and metadata. Research findings may be filtered in different dimensions so that results are easily tailored to the user’s needs.

Anthromedics is linked to the CrossRef bibliographic internet databank ( to ensure automatic linkage of literature sources to other scientific platforms. This is in line with the current scientific standard for online publications.

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