Latin America: Open windows for the future

Iracema de Almeida Benevides
Article-ID: DMS-21242-EN

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After 100 years that Anthroposophic Medicine emerged in Switzerland and Germany with an innovative and thriving integrative perspective on health and disease approach, it is currently present worldwide. Latin America comprises a wide geographic area formed by countries and territories situated in North, Central and South America, which share many features, although each country has its own unique identity. Three main pathways can be identified in the history of Anthroposophic Medicine in Latin America. The first track happened in the beginning of the 1950s in Brazil and the 1970s in Argentina. The second track happened in Peru in the 1990s. The third track is related to the development of the IPMT cycles of training in the region after the year 2000. Main countries developing Anthroposophic Medicine are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay with relevant achievements in training, political and academic fields. CIMA (Ibero-American Coordination for Anthroposophic Medicine) forms the multidirectional rhythmic system connecting the different realities. In parallel to this development, the Pan American Health Organization increased actions in the field of traditional, integrative and complementary medicine in the region and the Traditional Complementary and Integrative Medicine Network for the Americas (Red MTyC de las Americas) was created. This network supports the Virtual Health Library on Traditional Complementary and Integrative Medicine (VHL TCIM) and the Brazilian Academic Consortium on Integrative Health.

Anthroposophic Medicine in Latin America presents itself as a promising, vibrant and heterogeneous landscape, formed by impulses with different strengths, maturation time frames and cultural qualities with open windows for the future.

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