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Research news

Real World Data Study: Factors Associated with Self-Reported Post/Long-COVID 
Little evidence exists on the risk factors that contribute to Post/Long-COVID (PLC). In a recent prospective study, 99 registered people reported suffering from PLC symptoms - most commonly from fatigue, dyspnea, decreased strenght, hyposmia, and memory loss. The study results show, for example, that people, who suffered from COVID-19-associated anxiety, hyposmia, or palpitations were up to eight times more at risk of developing PLC than people without these symptoms. People who suffered from fatigue during COVID-19 treatment were seven times more at risk to develop PLC fatigue than those who did not show this symptom. Overall, the results revealed that 13% of the study participants who had previously suffered from COVID-19 subsequently reported having PLC. The article is published open access: